PushpinWeb provides APIs and visualization tools for public data.

Map Visualize Data

Arrow Explore NYC's public data with Google Maps visualizations, detailed datapoint examples, and address geocoding. Find out what data is available and brainstorm new ideas.

Arrow Build visualizations with Processing to better understand complex datasets. Correlate trends across massive datapoint collections without installing new software or writing a parser. Collaborate and share your visualizations to spread insight.

Arrow Create powerful applications with PushpinWeb's Geo-API. Over 60 datasets are already parsed and geocoded for you to build upon. More NYC datasets and national level sources are coming soon.

We're proud to be among the honorable mentions in the NYC BigApps competition. Check out the press and other winners:

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the contest. The creativity and effort was inspiring!

Explore NYC's public data.

NYC government data is rich, but it's also poorly organized and inconsistently formatted. PushpinWeb hosts and indexes over 60 datasets for you to browse and search. Take a look at public data around Grand Central Terminal or see a list of all datasets PushpinWeb is hosting.

Build visualizations with Processing.js and Javascript.

PushpinWeb provides a powerful visualization tool for processing large amounts of public data. Instead of downloading and managing gigabytes of data, script your analytics with Processing.js. Share and fork visualizations of public data. Sign up to start creating visualizations or browse featured visualizations.

Create applications on the PushpinWeb Geo-API.

The PushpinWeb Geo-API is a RESTful JSON API. HTTP Digest is used for authentication, and queries are centered on a geographic point with latitude and longitude or an address. Currently, queries are limited to the New York City metropolitan area. If your app needs a dataset not found on PushpinWeb you can send feedback and request it. Learn how to use Geo-API, there are code examples in Ruby, Python, and Perl.